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The United States leads the world in women’s lacrosse from grassroots development to elite international competition. Little girls are playing as young as kindergarten and grown women continue to play, coach and mentor. With the success of the US National Team at the World Cup Championships in 2001 and on the eve of the 2005 games held in the United States, women’s lacrosse enjoys a fresh and deserved hype as the exciting Native American sport heads into a big new millennium.

Once a regional favorite in the mid-Atlantic and New England, the popularity of women’s lacrosse continues to spread throughout the US from Maine to California. Competitive college lacrosse programs now exist in Colorado, Illinois, California and Utah as East Coast players move West, bringing the game with them. Brand new programs have been introduced at Oregon and the University of Miami, two classic state schools on opposing ends of the continent. If this isn’t the perfect picture of growth, what is?